The Fruit of the Spirit is KINDNESS (3/8-3/10)

"God is with you wherever you go." (Joshua 1:9) To explore what God means by kindness, we will learn about Jesus's life, how He loved, and how He healed people who were sick, hurt, and blind. Jesus's heart was always so filled with love for others and He wanted to help them feel better. He especially wanted to lead others to know His Father. Through His actions He was able to do just that. After story time we'll each take a turn helping our injured Bible 'friends' (dolls) negotiate their way through an obstacle course to get to Jesus. What the children will discover was that sometimes the path to God is clear and straight, but other times it can be long and a little tricky. This time, in order to get to Jesus the children will walk a narrow mountain path, tip toe through a wild animal pit, crawl through a tunnel, and ring the bell to walk through the door to get to Jesus. That last part, the doorbell ringing and walking through the door is a step that cannot be overlooked. Just as in real life, we have to step through the door with our whole bodies to get to Jesus. We have to be ALL IN....none of this standing on the front porch business will do. Jesus offers His whole being to His children and He expects nothing less from us. To wrap everything up we'll sing and dance to I LIKE TO and MY GOD. Next week.....Goodness!